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Below you will find details and pricing for the various Training Services we provide.

For more information on our Training Philosophy, please click Here.

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During a Board & Train stay, your dog comes to live in our Trainer's home so they can be fully immersed in their own training program. A Board & Train program allows our trainer to work with your dog several times each day in one-on-one training sessions. The clarity, consistency, and reinforcement provided in this training plan yields greater results on a shorter timeline than weekly lessons.

While your dog is Boarding & Training you will receive pictures & updates regarding their training progress. All packages include a 60 minute Private lesson at time of go-home, to assure you are confident in your understanding of your dogs training and transition back into your home.

We offer free pick-up and drop-off services for all Board & Train clients.

3 Weeks / $2,500

4 Weeks / $3,200

6 Weeks / $4,800

Training & Pricing: Services
Training & Pricing: Services


6 Weeks

Our most advanced training program. Dogs coming home from a 6 Week Program will have a reliable Off-leash recall as well as have the capacity to perform other obedience behaviors, such as heeling and down-stays, while off-leash and around high level distractions.

Price: $4,800

Cues: Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Off-leash Recall, Leave-it, Drop-it, Loose Leash Walking, Heel, Name Recognition


Our trainer will come to you for 60 minute Private Lessons. Work with our trainer to develop and actualize a training plan tailored to you and your dogs needs and goals. Obedience, Behavioral, Puppy, and Off-Leash training curriculums available.

We recommend Private Lessons for clients looking to learn along with their dog and better understand training concepts and application.

Discounted rates available for bundles of 6+ Lessons.

$65/hour + Travel costs (60 cents/mile)

We are currently accepting new lesson clients!



We now offer standard dog boarding that does not include training sessions.

Our Dog Sitting stays include a daily walk and 3 play sessions in the yard. Dogs that come for dog sitting live in our trainers home alongside dogs that come in for training.

You do not have to be an established training client to utilize this service.

$55 per day



Grooming and Pampering that can be added on to any boarding stay!

Go-Home Bath ~ $10

Blow Dry ~ $5

Nail Trim ~ $10

Ear Clean ~ $5

Treadmill Time ~ $10

Cuddles & Movie time ~ $5



Our trainer will come to you to evaluate your dog and advise on a training plan during a 1 hour in-home consultation.

We recommend a Training Consultation for anyone who is unsure what type of training is best for them, how their dog can benefit from training, or those who simply want some training or lifestyle advice.

If you purchase a Board and Train package, you will be credited the price of your consultation. 

$55+ Travel 



Available only to clients who have already completed a training curriculum via Lessons or Board & Train Program with us.

During your pets refresher stay, our trainer will polish any training skills that may need attention. A great alternative to regular boarding, relax knowing your dog is in the hands of a trusted pack member while brushing up on their training during your vacation.

Our refresher Board & Train program has no minimum or maximum length of stay. 


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Training & Pricing: Services
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