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See what members of the Heart & Mind K9 pack have to say about our dog training services. Trainer Audra cultivates a unique relationship with each pet and pet parent to help them achieve their goals.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"My sweet boy has foot trauma from before i rescued him as a pup and has always had issues with his feet being handled so he would never let anyone trim his nails. We got kicked out of two different groomers (one of whom specializes in dogs with reactivity when getting their nails done). It got to the point where he had to be on anxiety meds and sedatives the night before and morning of the appointment and be taken to the vet where at least 2 people were required to do his nails, occasionally 3. He almost had to be completely put under to have his nails done. Thanks to Dog Trainer Audra, I can now trim his nails by myself, at home, with him peacefully letting me handle his paws. No drugs, No reactivity, and even some tail wags and licks! One of the many amazing changes but I'm so proud of how far he's come!"

Christie H. & Odin

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